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      Tetramethylphosphonium chloride
      Tributylphosphine oxide
    Synonyms:2-Amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)butyric acid ammonium salt;DL-Phosphinothricin;Ammonium 2-amino-4(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)butanoate 
    Cas No.:77182-82-2 
    Molecular Formula:C5H15N2O4P 
    Molecular Weight:198.16 
    Molecular Structure: 
    Properties: White crystal, a slight scent, melting 210??, steam pressure (MPa), in the water<0.1??c solubility for 1370g/L (22 degrees Celsius) in general, organic solvents, light stability solubility.

    toxicity ?? XiongDa: acute toxicity of rat orally LD50 to 2000mg/kg (ammonia salt, similarly hereinafter), XiongDa rat acute percutaneous LD50>2g/kg for, No teratogenic neurotoxic effects and.

    USES: Used in the orchard, vineyards, and potato fields and non-cultivated annual and perennial grasses and dicotyledonous weeds, such as the rat tail see Michael niang, classified, and the wild barley, spend lolium perenne, GouWeiCao, gold GouWeiCao, wild wheat, corn, perennial grasses weed field, such as: duck summer-green sedges and bud, the song mans hair grass, fescues melike, etc.

    Storage: this product should be sealed in a cool and dry place.

    Packing: Packed, technical 95% 50kg net, Ammonium salt water packed, 50% of 200kg net, 15 and 20 preparations packed, 200L capacity. 
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