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      Tetramethylphosphonium chloride
      Tributylphosphine oxide
    Synonyms:Tris(butyl)phosphine; Tri-n-butylphosphine; TBUP 
    Cas No.:998-40-3 
    Molecular Formula:C12H27P 
    Molecular Weight:202.32 
    Molecular Structure: 
    Properties:Acolorlessliquid.Samplewithgarlicsmell.240??,meltingboiling:-60~-65?? the relative density (c, water = 1) :0.812 degrees Celsius, insoluble in water, but soluble in methanol, mixed ethyl benzene, ethanol,.
    Usage: It is an important organic triarylphosphine ligands, widely used in transition metal organic synthesis. Can be used as a protein in the open reduction reductant, and a pair of sulphur keys, also can restore carbonyl and epoxy, Also can be used as catalyst, two olefin polymerization of benzyl alcohol catalyst hydroformylation of polybutadiene,ammonia methylation catalyst,unsaturated steroid choose hydrogenation catalyst.
    Toxicity: 750mg/kg (LD50: rat transoral), 2000mg/kg (rabbit percutaneous) miticide:
    Storage: Storeinacool, ventilated warehouse in between. Away from direct sunlight, heat. Packing seal, do not contact with air. With the oxidant, acid, chemical raw materials. When handling want light, prevent light unloading packing and vessel damage. 
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