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    Input Product Name Or CAS No.
      Tetramethylphosphonium chloride
      Tributylphosphine oxide
    Cas No.:51276-47-2 
    Molecular Formula:C5H12NO4P 
    Molecular Weight:181.127 
    Molecular Structure: 
    Properties: White crystalline, a slight odour, melting point 225 ~ 230 ??, vapor pressure < 0.1 MPa (20 ??), in general organic solvents solubility low, light stability.
    toxicity ?? XiongDa: acute toxicity of rat orally LD50 to 2000mg/kg (ammonia salt, similarly hereinafter), XiongDa rat acute percutaneous LD50 > 2g/kg for, No teratogenic neurotoxic effects and.
    Usage: preparation of chiral intermediate ammonium grass
    Storage: this product should be sealed in shady and cool place.
    Packing: packed, technical 95% 50kg net, Ammonium salt water packed, 50% of 200kg net, 15 and 20 preparations packed, 200L capacity. 
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